Mr. Rhythm's Good Advice

from by Jared Morris & The Nice Price



An ocean made of plastic
It’s fantastic
Body lotion
Coca Cola Classic
What’s the commotion?
Whip it out, a devotion
To a souvenir Sphinx,
It’s not what you think
That’s how it goes
The Colossus of Rhodes
Why are the pyramids
Made of Emma stone?
So alone
Tossed around by primitives
Traction unlimited
Don’t pretend
In a decade we’ll be them
What fun
Making bricks out of mud
In the back yard fly a grass hut to Mars
I used to be nice
I used to shoot dice
I used to watch Spice
Between blurry lines
"Don’t let your dick run your life"
That’s Mr. Rhythm's good advice
I’ll never win a Moon Man
You know the end is too soon, man
Eating jelly with a spoon, man
And here I change my tune, man
Knee deep in brackish water
From the first time I saw her
I could tell she was our daighter
The cops finally caught her
Tryin' to steal a flying saucer
I tried to fix her headphone jack
But I couldn’t find the solder
I used to be inside her
A Large Hadron Collider
Diet pop or cherry cider
Bright and getting brighter
You just want to fuck her
But I’m a super conductor
She said "I suck
But I’m no sucker"
Life in Vineland
Garbage islands
As big as Texas, it doesn’t vex us, solar plexus
Don’t correct us
Artificial fishes granting wishes
Eat a Rubber Ring, it’s so delicious
Dirty dishes,
Sid vicious, the fictitious
Member of the Sex Pistols
Dr Jones, can i get a witness
Blister pack, Jack Rabbit, Magic Jack
Giving all the mermaids a thrill
Water pistols, shoot to kill
Easter toys made in China
Winding up on Easter Island.
Oh Poseidon
Whats my sign man?
You look good in that polyester
Tits like Carol Hester's
Spanish boots of imitation leather

A West Marine ocean tether
Under the weather
A real treasure
Let’s keep it together
But I never met her
It'd be her pleasure
Red sky at night
Sailor’s delight
Make it lewd
We both eat seafood
Not a lot
Marianas Trench, full of pop tops, crop tops,
Straws and cyclops
Sneaky strong corporate cops
It’s glorious
Shiva is furious
You're ignoring us
Who is victorious?
Could it be that there’s more of us.
Soda jerkers, bottom lurkers, phony burkas
Our legacy sexting the police
In an emergency
Toss your phone into the sea
Turn on its GPS
That’s how we’ll reconnect
Self contained under water breathing apparatus
Strapped to a cactus
And hung on the lattice
What’s your marital status?
Meet me at lake
Tell me what’s at stake?
This is our life electric
Lost in the wake
Living with you was a piece of cake

Protect i or wreck it.
Intersect it or reject it
No belief in magic
Everyone is bored.
The only one that’s real here is Traci Lords

The last time I saw you
You said your were done with all the voodoo
Praise be the Ancients of Mu Mu
With your guru, planning what to do
But for me, I’m with Vishnu
Im with the avatars of Krishna
Hare Rama but I still miss you
In all the trauma
That we’ve been through
The bottle’s empty
It doesn’t tempt me
I'm your ghost
But who sent me
I can’t repay what you lent me
Resent me
I’ve got plenty
Tia Dalma
And the late Brian DePalma
Spoke at my alma mater
We got lost in the Bahamas
I voted for Barack Obama
And I'm sick of all the drama
No quarter
For what I didn’t order
Hoarders cross the boarders
Make way for the reporters
Looking for supporters
That was when I could ignore her
New jersey
Don’t worry
I can’t see
It's getting blurry
This motel smells like curry
Time to go now
We better hurry
Manic Preachers in the bleachers
No one’s teachers
Double features and new sneakers
I used the wrong wire and I blew out the speakers
Pleasure seekers and secret leakers of
New Wave Hookers
Pressure cookers
Crooked onlookers
Cookin' the Bookers
You had your own but then you took hers
Could it bewhat shook her?
Poor old Jimbo
Dead and gone
Buried with his boots still on
Found him in a French church lawn
Mojo risin' with the dawn
Why save it, we can throw it away
Its okay
I heard you say
You're gonna be next Sasha Grey
Or Dorian Gray
In DeLorean grey
Tattle O’Day
We had a band and we wanted to play
No pay. One Way
Lay Lady Lay
Time For Noisy USA
Hitachi, you know every make
Hibachi, you came to eat steak
You said that its gonna be great
Put on the breaks
It's not 1998
I am awake
Car hops in skates
Know my name for goodness sakes
I do what it takes
Easy as cakes
I can spot all these fakes
Save your grief, I'm a common thief
Save me a seat on the Great Barrier Reef
Don’t eat meat, it’s okay if you cheat
You're past your prime but is that a crime?
If there's time I can stop on a dime
That’s about all I can afford
All this other noise can be ignored
Don’t act like you don’t know the score

Artificial platelets
Everybody fakes it
Everyone is bored
The only one that’s real here
Is Traci Lords


from Dead Men Don't Bite Back, released October 10, 2019


all rights reserved



10x Records New Castle, Delaware

Home of Jared Morris, the singer/guitarist for successful punk rock trio My Version of It.

His solo work represents other sides of the artist including is affection for works in the public domain and interest in the avant garde.

He also hosts a rock 'n roll radio show and has published a book (Journal-ism) which graphic artist Jon Groobz described as "a literary crossword puzzle."
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