I'm got one Mississippi
Man, it's killing me
Fast track to Codeine withdrawal
Man, it's killing me
I'm on that fox's Soboxine
You're on a corporate retreat

I got those Chinese fingers
Driving me insane
Subscribe to Bastards Monthly
Drives a man insane
I got them part-time Sundays
You've got them holidays paid

I got two Mississippi
I ain't got nowhere left to be
We worked for tipsy Christians
He's got that Bible scene
I danced with dripping hippies
Trespass on private property

I still have my 8th grade notebook
I got troubles when you go
Cause I miss my baby
I got troubles when you go
I got that I know who I am
You got that we barely made it through

I'm on that three Mississippi
Can't be your candy man
You got that sugar gas tank
Can't be your candy man
He wore that Soma coma
You're on that family healthcare plan

I've got a restaurant nightmare
I have those kitchen blues
I too them April showers
Cold as her heart is too
You got that Ashley Plaza
You got that Tony Atlas, too

I've got four Mississippi
You got that Davy Jones
I got that evening checkpoint
Send me back Dr. Jones
I got that hard denial
You got that backwoods moan

You got that stolen paycheck
I want you to see my room
I am the genuine article
Come see my room
You got that ugly watch dog
You got them sandy Eggo blues

I've got 5 Mississippi
You got that jelly roll
Watch out for uneven pavement
Man, watch that jelly roll
I got that red rock ramblin'
You go that barely hanging low

I got that flash flood warning
Ain't go those training wheels
I got that Monday ratchet
Break off those training wheels
I got a tattoo story
You got them kitten heels

I got 666 Mississippi
Open up and spread it wide
You and your model airplane
Come take a peek inside
I got your pre-flight checklist
You've got Samantha Mathis smile

Well I met the devil at Chelsea Manor Park
I saw him skate the jumps at Chelsea Manor Park
I got the deal of a lifetime
Can you tell the two of us apart


from Dead Men Don't Bite Back, released October 10, 2019


all rights reserved



10x Records New Castle, Delaware

Home of Jared Morris, the singer/guitarist for successful punk rock trio My Version of It.

His solo work represents other sides of the artist including is affection for works in the public domain and interest in the avant garde.

He also hosts a rock 'n roll radio show and has published a book (Journal-ism) which graphic artist Jon Groobz described as "a literary crossword puzzle."
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